Joining the Circle Part 2 – New Access to the Viaduct from Beach Street

In one of my previous articles, "Folkestone Harbour Approach Viaduct & Sming Bridge - Joining the Circle" I was talking about how the refurbishment and opening up of this new public space in Folkestone was a positive way to reconnect the former railway station and viaduct to the town. This week I wanted to [...]

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Folkestone Triennial – My ‘Double Edge’ Perspective

After our involvement in the 2014 Folkestone Triennial, the team at Martello Building Consultancy were really excited at the opportunity to take on the role of Technical Consultants for the 2017 Folkestone Triennial - 'Double Edge'. Working with the array of world renowned artists and alongside the excellent Triennial Project Managers it's been a varied [...]

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Folkestone Triennial 2017 – Wall – Artist Alex Hartley

'Wall' by artist Alex Hartley is one of the exciting new art installations for Folkestone Triennial 2017 - 'Double Edge'. The piece which was commissioned by the Creative Foundation for this year's exhibition is located on the East Cliff of Folkestone - here's the artist's description of the work taken from the Triennial website: "Wall [...]

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Triennial Artwork at The Cube – Artist Sinta Tantra

With the fabulous Folkestone Triennial 2017 starting next month (2nd September - 5th November 2017) it's a busy time at Martello as we work with the Triennnial team and artists to finalise some of the stunning art installations. One of the most striking commissions is sure to be "1947" - Sinta Tantra's dynamic design [...]

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Martello Makes it’s Mark in the Park…..

This weekend sees the grand opening of a stunning new play area set within landscaped gardens in the heart of Folkestone. The new facility, adjacent to the recently opened Radnor Park Tea Room provides zoned areas with play equipment for a variety of age ranges, new pathways, planting & seating and the fully restored [...]

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REACHING great heights for CHARITY

Martello recently joined brave staff, volunteers and members from ARRCC and Skydived for a very worthy cause. Martello helped raise £1,360 towards ARRCC Folkestone’s building renovation project which took place earlier this year. Martello and Breem Construction removed walls to make the centre more open plan and created a new tea and coffee station [...]

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Projects that makes a difference

As a local business - Martello has been fortunate thanks to the FTHI - to be involved in the positive investment involving the renovation of the Folkestone Townscape with numerous town projects, working hard to get the right skills in order to honour and maintain the valuable heritage of the Folkestone historical architecture. FTHI has [...]

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