As a local business – Martello has been fortunate thanks to the FTHI – to be involved in the positive investment involving the renovation of the Folkestone Townscape with numerous town projects, working hard to get the right skills in order to honour and maintain the valuable heritage of the Folkestone historical architecture.

FTHI has managed to create vital opportunities (where possible) for local businesses, equally supporting and investing time in local students. This was facilitated by the FTHI in the collaboration and involvement of the East Kent College Folkestone Campus. Students involved in building and construction focused courses, were given the opportunity to learn heritage building techniques. The creative led students were able to be part of the FTHI newsletter, Martello met up with the team and assisted where needed on the projects.

‘The Folkestone Townscape Heritage Initiative (FTHI) is a partnership between Kent County Council, Shepway District Council and the Creative Foundation. This initiative has been developed following a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund securing a total of £1.3m in grant funding for the project to enhance the old town area of Folkestone matched with £400,000 from Kent County Council and £100,000 from Shepway District Council.’

Rendezvous Street Completion

The Folkestone THI will improve the townscape through:

  • Repair and conservation of in-use buildings
  • Reinstatement of architectural features
  • Bringing vacant historic floor space back into use
  • Enhancing routes, paths, steps and public space.’ (courtesy of FTHI)