‘Wall’ by artist Alex Hartley is one of the exciting new art installations for Folkestone Triennial 2017 – ‘Double Edge’. The piece which was commissioned by the Creative Foundation for this year’s exhibition is located on the East Cliff of Folkestone – here’s the artist’s description of the work taken from the Triennial website:

“Wall responds to an invitation from Canterbury Archaeological Trust to create a monument drawing attention to the querns found at this site – querns are millstones made from the local greensand stone during the Iron Age. The sculpture is in the form of a cage, or double fence, like the fences used at ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais. The querns within it act as a kind of counterweight, preventing the precariously sited aculpture from tipping over the continuously eroding land’s edge. Geological time – the inevitability of the land erosion – and the precariousness of this border site are brought into dialogue.”

Martello Building Consultancy have been working as Project Managers for the construction elements of the site alongside the Creative Foundation Project Leads – Liv Pennington and Jo Cowdrey.

The installation from a technical perspective brought a number of challenges to the construction process – the piece is pretty large and is effectively balanced over a cliff edge which is one of the reasons we used the expert groundwork company O’Connells. The basic holding and supporting structure required the installation of a lower structural concrete slab with a second slab on top to provide a plinth including an overhanging beam.

The construction process of the artwork on top of the plinth was undertaken by local company Avision who fabricated and erected the caged metal framework ready for the artist to place the querns so that it could then be sealed.

We think the finished structure looks fantastic and is very striking whether viewed close up or from below the cliff – we hope you love it too.