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Signal Box

Commercial and Industrial Project

At the entrance to the Folkestone Harbour Station is a 1915 Signal Box – another building that has undergone significant restoration as part of the ongoing regeneration works by the Folkestone Harbour Company.

Martello were commissioned to obtain planning permission for the renovation and conversion of the building into a commercial space. The original building is a classic design by Saxby & Farmer, the leading signal box company of the day, and is comprised of a glazed operating room with levers controlling points and signals, raised to allow lookout, sitting on top of a closed brick locking room concealing the lower part of the lever frame.

For the renovation, a new roof of reclaimed Welsh tiles was installed to replace asbestos, along with bespoke windows in keeping with the originals. The internal space was stripped out, revealing the original floor and ceiling, and repainted. The conversion managed to retain the original levers and mechanisms which can be viewed in the basement space. The Signal Box is now a commercial coffee shop/cafe and is a great addition to the Folkestone Harbour regeneration project providing a welcome at the entrance to the Folkestone Harbour Station itself.




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